Indonesia is a country that has natural and cultural wealth from its various tribes. Those tribes have different cultures so that Indonesia becomes rich in culture. Apart from its natural wealth, there are also various cultural festivals which become an attraction. Cultural festivals in Indonesia cannot be separated from the influence of culture, tribes, and customs from the locals.  Some of Indonesia's cultural festivals that have been known to the world, including ;

1. Baliem Valley Festival, Papua 

The festival is a war event involving tribes in the highlands of Papua, such as the Lani, Dani, and Yali tribes. The existence of this event aims to reveal the welfare and fertility of the tribal community. This festival also becomes a contest for strength and agility between the tribes, There is a scenario of the emergence of war, so it is interesting to watch. The festival is usually held every August

2. Asmat Festival, Papua 

The Asmat tribe has long been famous for its natural carving skills. And because their residence is by the sea with dozens of rivers and swamps by the sides, they are also very skilled in rowing even while standing. This Asmat Festival competes for carving skills without sketches, rowing competitions and dancings. From the dance of welcoming guests to the dance of war. The festival is held every October

3. Toba Lake Festival, North Sumatra

A carnival, traditional feasts, rowing boat races, traditional dances and music by the Batak tribe. Held simultaneously in several villages on the shores of Lake Toba, the largest tectonic volcano lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. This festival is usually held every September

4. Pasola Festival, Sumba Island

Sumba Island, located in East Nusa Tenggara, Lesser Sunda. In addition to having enchanting natural scenery, a Pasola Festival is held on February and March every year. A traditional event popular in the local community, a ritual war game by some hussars